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Arctic Air & Refrigeration  is a contracted service representative for Manitowoc Ice Machines & Kolpak Walk ins .  If you need service or installation on any product in the Manitowoc food service group, in or out of warranty, please contact us.  The Manitowoc brands we service and install are McCall, Kolpak, Harford, and Manitowoc Ice. 

We Lease Ice Machines

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 Ice Machines

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Arctic Air & Refrigeration Inc.: Discount Supplier of Ice Machines, Ice Makers & Walk-In Coolers

For the best commercial ice machines on the market, buy a new Manitowoc ice machine today. Manitowoc Ice Inc. offers ideal equipment to satisfy any restaurants’ ice making needs.

Recognized as a leader in beverage dispensing, Manitowoc has recently won a quality award for its beverage dispensing unit. Arctic Air is a discount supplier of all Manitowoc ice makers, ice machines and related Manitowoc ice machine service parts. One of Manitowoc’s featured products, the “I” series Ice Machine, is designed to lower energy and service costs. The “I” series includes products such as:

· Under counter Ice Machines - Compact under the counter ice machines, from Manitowoc Ice are ideal for small volume ice production, limited ice needs or as a back-up during peak business hours. Cooled either by air or water, production of these units range anywhere from 147 lbs. to 290 lbs. of regular, dice or half dice cubes in 24 hours. Ice bin doors slide up and out of the way for quick, unobstructed access. These units are perfect for when you need ice made on the spot.

· Slim 22” Ice Machines – These Manitowoc ice machines save valuable floor space in small kitchens, hotel hallways or office lunchrooms. Its production ranges from 310 lbs. to 530 lbs. of regular, dice or half dice ice cubes in one day.

· The 30” Series Ice Machines – Known as the “workhorse” of the Manitowoc family, the 30” “I” series ice machines are built for large volume production. These ice machines are perfect for restaurants, foodservice, hotel ice dispensers or any location where ice is in continuous demand. The units can also be stacked on top of one another for double production in the same floor plan.

· The 48” Series Ice Machines – Known as a “production powerhouse,” These ice units can produce 1,370 lbs. to 1,880 lbs. of regular, dice or half dice cubes in one day. These units can be stacked for double production and are ideal for theme parks, institutional kitchens, casinos or resorts.

We Also Supply Leer Ice Merchandisers, Daeco Walk-In Coolers & McCall Refrigeration

Besides being a discount supplier of ice machines and walk-in coolers, Arctic Air also supplies several industries with McCall refrigerators and freezers. McCall (Part of Manitowoc Foodservice) has parts available for its complete line of commercial refrigeration and restaurant equipment.

Listed by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Leer Ice merchandisers are ideal for ice storage and sales. Combine this unit with a Manitowoc ice machine and you’ll be on your way to starting up an ice sales business. Make your ice in a Manitowoc ice machine, bag it and display it for sale in a Leer ice merchandiser.

Daeco walk-in coolers and freezers are known for fine built products. They continue to be a leading innovator in the world of walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers. Daeco also builds custom cold storage doors for the replacement market. If your walk-in cooler or freezer needs a new door, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

More Than Just a Commercial Ice Machine Distributor, We Rent and Lease Ice Machines As Well!

Need a commercial ice machine but not ready to buy one? We can help