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A Service Representative For Manitowoc Ice


Manitowoc Ice offers ideal equipment to satisfy all your ice making needs. With output ranging from 65 to well over 2000 pounds of ice per day, Manitowoc offers high quality, name brand commercial ice machines at competitive prices. Choosing Manitowoc Ice for all your ice making needs can save you time, money and aggravation.  The question becomes, why not choose Manitowoc?  Here are a couple of reasons why Manitowoc is right for your business:

1.    There is no need to hide a Manitowoc ice machine. The award winning Q-Series design complements any front room application.


2.    Equipment from Manitowoc Ice works to reduce labor costs and promotes safety from bacteria build up. As easy as flipping a switch, operators can reduce cleaning or sanitizing efforts on their ice machines. All Manitowoc ice machines have patented technology that clean and sanitize the water-distribution system in just 24 minutes.


3.    Manitowoc ice machines have high-performing operating systems that offer long lasting satisfaction. As an ISO 9001 certified company, Manitowoc’s commitment to quality is #1.


4.    Manitowoc’s unique “rhomboid” shaped cubes are easy to work with and Ideal for drinking and cooling applications. In a wide variety of machine options, ice production can range anywhere from 65 to 2000 lbs. per day. Ice is available in three cube sizes.


5.    The Manitowoc IB Series ice machines are the perfect solution for bringing large volumes of ice to your business without the limitations of size. The narrow depth of the IB series allow for easy access into the dispensing equipment for cleaning and sanitizing.


6.    Looking for peace and quiet when it comes to commercial ice making? Manitowoc helps to remove nearly 75% of the noise and heat at the point of ice making. This is accomplished through Manitowoc’s QuietQube® technology – making for some of the quietest ice machines in the world.


Manitowoc also makes beverage dispensing equipment, cranes and offers ship-repair services. Contact us for more information or to make Arctic Air and Refrigeration Inc. your preferred service representative for Manitowoc Ice.