K-0250 Cube  Machine $2,307.00
K-0350 Cube Machine $2,505.00
K-0420 Cube Machine $2,480.50
K-0500 Cube Machine $2,654.00
K-0600 Cube Machine $3,094.00
K-1000 Cube Machine $4,176.50
K-1350 Cube Machine $5,158.50
K-1800 Cube Machine $6,426.00
K-0170 Undercounter $2,030.00
K-0270 Undercounter $2,688.50
K420  22" Wide Bin $   888.50
K400  30" Wide Bin $   856.00
K570 30" Wide Bin $   985.50
K970  48" Wide Bin $1,380.50
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What is a KoolAire ice machine?  KoolAire or Kool-Aire is the latest budget brand of commercial ice machine, made by and supported by Manitowoc.  Manitowoc is known in the foodservice industry as manufacturing the #1 ice machine in the world, the Manitowoc Indigo Series.  In addition, Manitowoc owns a full portfolio of food service brands like Frymaster, Cleveland, and more.

Kool-Aire is their answer to providing the restaurant, hotel, or business owner with a reliable cost effective ice production machine.  These commercial ice machines fit the niche of being low cost, relative to industry standards, yet have a long warranty with quality parts.  What makes the Kool-Aire so attractive is that itís backed by Manitowoc.

Currently Kool-Aire has a limited line of ice machines.  Modular units(ice machines that require an additional storage bin) are the only thing available and there are only 3 storage bin options.  The size of machines range from 250lb per day production to 1300lb per day production, with storage bins ranging from 400lb to 900lb of ice storage.

All of the KoolAire ice machines are available with air-cooled condensers, while select models have the option of water-cooled and remote.  In addition, voltages vary depending on size of the ice maker, but itís standard to have a 115v model under 600 lbs and 208-230v on 600lb and above.